Be Prepared – Create A Windows 8 Recovery Disc

With the release of the Windows 8 Operating System (OS) just around the corner (October 26, 2012), many people will be upgrading their computers to the new OS.

Anytime you perform an OS upgrade, you should be thinking about backing up your important personal files, prior to the upgrade; AND, you should be thinking about creating an operating system recovery disc, after the upgrade. In the case of Windows 8, in comparison to previous OS upgrades, you now have the option of creating USB-based recovery media (such as a flash drive), as well as creating disc-based media (such as DVD’s).

The importance of the recovery media, whether it be via disc or the USB option, is that if something goes wrong, the recovery media gives you an alternate way to boot the PC and run recovery tools.

The purpose of this article is not to re-write something that is already out there; but, to give you a list of “most recent” resources where information has been posted on HOW TO create the recovery media for Windows 8.


Whatever site resource you use below, make sure to leave them a comment expressing your thanks for their hard work and thinking to help others out.  That is what it is all about…

Windows 8 Tip: Create Recovery Media

How To Create Windows 8 Recovery CD

How To Create Windows 8 Recovery Disc Step by Step

Tip To Create Windows 8 Recovery CD



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