FREE eBook Introducing Windows 8 – An Overview For IT Professionals

I came across this eBook today (at Microsoft Press) that may be of interest to IT Professionals and home based computer users alike. The book (in PDF format) describes the new and improved features of Windows 8 with focus on management, deployment and security. If you are new to Windows 8, this is a good read and best of all, it is FREE.

[ Download Here ]

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An Overview For IT Professionals

The Windows 8 operating system is the newest member of the Microsoft Windows family. It differs from earlier Windows releases as much for what it does not change as for what it does change. That is, the features that IT pros loved about Windows 7 are still there in Windows 8—just better. The same keyboard shortcuts, management tools, security features, and deployment options are available in Windows 8. But in many cases, Windows 8 improves them in intuitive and significant ways. Some examples are the ribbon in File Explorer and faster disk encryption when using BitLocker Drive Encryption. This book describes these enhancements plus many of the new features in Windows 8.



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