Access and Manage Your Files (and Folders) From The Windows 8 Start Screen With My Explorer

If you are new to Windows 8, you probably have discovered that you have to get to the desktop level of Windows 8 to access the file explorer that is built into Windows 8. In previous versions of Windows, the built in file management utility was called Windows Explorer.  In Windows 8 it actually is called “file explorer”.

What I was looking for was a way (or a Windows 8 app) to get to my files and folders from the level of the Windows “metro” Start Screen without leaving the metro interface. I started my search through the Windows Store and soon found several file management apps (that I tested). Also, to point out here, the Windows Store is still new; therefore, the quality and number of apps available to Windows 8 is still on the low side, but that number is increasing rapidly.

The app I ended up going with, at this time, to access and manage my files (and folders) from the metro interface is called My Explorer.

My Explorer

With My Explorer you can perform the following functions:

  • Browse your computer, network locations, removable devices, homegroup computers and media server devices
  • Manage favorites and recent groups
  • Manage your files and folders (cut, copy, paste, move to, copy to, rename, recycle and delete)
  • Snap the app to the side to use it as a fast file opener/switcher
  • Pin folders to Start for fast and direct access to selected folders
  • Use the share option to interact with other apps (i.e. e-mail attachment)
  • Customize the look and feel of the app

The restrictions to all Windows 8 applications that affect My Explorer are:

The following folders are not accessible to any Windows 8 application: System folders (i.e. program files); hidden and protected folders and files; executable files (i.e. exe, js)

It is not possible to launch files that depend on other files (i.e. complete webpages, the ones that save an html file and a folder with its images)



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