The Easy Way To Close A Windows 8 App

As I mentioned in an earlier article, I never had any “hands-on” experience with Windows 8 until it was officially released by Microsoft back in October. I intentionally did this so that I would have that first time user experience (and challenge); like most of you will have.

As I continue to “find my way” there was one thing I started to wonder about. Was there a way to easily close a Windows 8 app once I opened it? In reality, in the scheme and design of things when it comes to Windows 8, you will find that it really does not matter; however, I wanted to know. I eventually found the answer that works for me on my desktop computer and find myself doing this all of the time now.

When you are working from the “Start Screen” (see screenshot of my Start Screen below) and click on an app, the app will open maximized on your screen and you will immediately notice that there is no close button or minimize button.

Start Screen

What you have to do, is this:  When the app is open move your mouse cursor to the top of the screen. When the cursor reaches the top of the screen a “hand” will appear (see cropped screenshot below). When the “hand” is visible on the screen, hold down the left button on your mouse, drag to the bottom of the screen, and the app will disappear (and close). As you are performing the dragging action, visually you will see the app shrink down from full screen to a much smaller screen (or window). Once you teach yourself to do this, I will guarantee it will become second nature to you when you want to close an app.

Close App

Note:  The cropped screenshot you see above is a Windows 8 app called SmartCalc.



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6 thoughts on “The Easy Way To Close A Windows 8 App

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  1. Good tip Rick! I actually just found this out last night when I stopped in the Microsoft store. I was playing around with the Surface and one of the Store Workers showed me the tip. So, the tip does work for the touchscreen Surface as well.

    Also, he showed me that if you start from the middle left of the screen and drag towards the middle, it will open in the most recent app/program. I am not sure if this works on the desktop version of Windows 8 though.


  2. Thank you for all your efforts to post your blog for our benefit.

    I just brought a new laptop and had to accept the Windows 8 as part of the package. Every little bit of information I can gather will help.

    I suppose in due time I’ll get used to it, but right now I’m not liking it one bit.

    I now have three operating systems to use as I just brought a tablet too. We still have a Windows 7 computer in use. I needed to get another computer and Windows 8 was all they offered.


  3. Actidog,

    Thanks for checking this out on the Surface… I will post a couple of more tips on the “drag and drop” techique that works not only from the top to bottom, but top to the sides…



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