A Program To Create and Customize Your Own Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles

One of the downfalls to Windows 8, especially from the Start Screen level, is the ability to create your own tiles. You will find that when you install a Windows 8 app, the tile is automatically created for you has that metro look; whereas, if you create a tile from a normal Windows program, the tile that is generated is nothing close to being metro in appearance. As a matter of fact, if you pin a normal Windows program to the Start Screen, Windows 8 will create the tile using the built in icon of the program (which I have found in most cases to be not attractive at all).

Solution to this problem is an up and coming program that is in the early beta stages of development, called OblyTile.


OblyTile, is sort of a techie type of a program, where you need to have a good understanding of file and folder paths; however, I think once you get a handle on this program you will find it to be just what the doctor ordered. On top of it all, it is a portable app.

The cool thing about OblyTile is that you can use your own images and icons to create your own tiles using a selectable background color. OblyTile also has a built in quick list of programs and icons already built-in. For example, OblyTile gives you the ability to create a shutdown tile, a task manager tile, a control manager tile, etc…

To give you an example of some tiles I created, reflected is a partial screenshot of my Windows 8 Start Screen. If you notice, one of the tiles is a tile that will launch me directly to What’s On My PC…  In a since OblyTile makes your Start Screen become a Windows 8 program launcher.


Again, I emphasize this program is in beta; however, I can see OblyTile becoming a mainstay, highly sought after, program.



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