Understanding File Association Problems

Have you ever attempted to open a file on your computer and the computer tells you that it cannot open the file, or the file does not have a program associated with it, etc…?


If so, there is a reason for this and it is called file associations. When you click on a file, the file must have a program associated with it in order for the program to open. For example, on my computer, when I click on a PDF file, the program NitroPDF opens the PDF file for me. File associations are based on file extension classes such as txt, doc, jpg, pdf, and the list goes on and on.

What happens or can happen is that file can lose its’ association either through corruption, malware or you simply uninstalled the program that the file was associated with.

So what are some of the fixes? Brian over at Select Real Security has posted an article Can’t Open Programs In Windows that will walk you through various processes of fixing various file association issues using software and registry fix options. Some of the fixes will appear techie in nature to you; however, to fix problems such as this you may have to call upon your tech source for some help. Select Real Security is intended for both novice and advanced computer users who need security information, resources, or advice.



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