An Android App That Feels Like TV

There are various ways to stream video to your android phone or tablet; BUT, there is none that I found that is like 9×

From what I can see, based on the reviews at the Google Play Store, 9× is a relative newcomer to the Android platform. If you are into watching video streamed from the internet, then you need to download this app. The selection is awesome and what is neat about 9× is that it will continuously play videos. I was especially amazed at how good it looked on my tablet and how smooth the videos played.

Tune in at any time for a personalized bite-sized selection of channels with content that informs and entertains. For example, the “Morning Shows” time slot provides a channel line-up consisting of breaking news and morning talk show channels. “Late Night” on 9×9 features comedy and late night talk shows. So just sit back and let 9×9 entertain you with one episode after another non-stop. Turn on the excitement with every flip as you navigate the channels prepared for you by 9×9’s curators to discover Internet videos you never knew existed. Let 9×9 guide you through a personalized video tour of what matters to you every time you flip it on.

Got more than one Android device ? With one simple tap, beam the video playback from one Android screen to another and use the original Android device as a remote. Great for sharing YouTube and other content on a big screen TV connected to a Google TV. 9×9 app supports Android devices including smartphones, tablets and Google TV.

Once you make a video selection, there is a trick to moving from one video or channel to another (see below).




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