Get Your Windows Gadgets Back In Windows 8

Microsoft did not do a very good job promoting the gadget platform that was available in Windows Vista and Windows 7; and, as a result, most people were clueless about it (and did not understand it). Actually, for the everyday home computer user, it was not the easiest platform to navigate.

Typically, if you had the gadget platform activated, you would see a sidebar on the side of the desktop that displayed your gadgets (mini-programs that offered information at a glance and provided easy access to frequently accessed tools). I know that some of the gadgets I played around with (such as clocks, system monitors, picture slide shows, mini rss readers) were actually very good and were often nice in appearance. You could even detach the gadgets from the sidebar and move them around the desktop.

If you upgraded to Windows 8, and you was a Windows gadget user, you are going to find that the gadget platform is gone; HOWEVER, there is a really good third party FREE software option, called Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8, that will bring the gadgets back in Windows 8.

Screenshot - Windows Sidebar 8

Thoosje windows Sidebar comes with 11 of the most used gadgets like a clock gadget, Calendar gadget, CPU/memory gadget, Search gadgets, Hard Drive gadgets, Media player, quick launch, RSS feed gadget and more. An addtionional free gadget pack is under development now and will be released this year.

Thoosje windows sidebar is completely redeveloped and now the new gadgets system is designed to make it possible to let independent developers  create new gadgets for Thoosje Windows sidebar 8. The system is created to make it possible running Gadgets Directly From DLL ( For Developers)

Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8 Features

  • Entirely new Sidebar Engine
  • Eleven Build In Windows Gadgets
  • New Redesigned Windows Gadget Manager
  • Importing/Exporting Windows Gadgets (.cwgf files)
  • Importing & exporting Gadget Packs (.cwgp files)
  • Gadgets Info
  • Gadgets have Customizable Settings With build in encryption system
  • Gadget Blacklisting system to prevent malware
  • Enlarging Gadgets
  • Running multiple instances of gadgets which each have their own settings
  • Sidebar Background Settings Including 8 sidebar backgrounds
  • Customizable Sidebar Transparency settings
  • Sidebar Language Settings
  • Automatically Download new language files from server
  • Sidebar Error logs
  • Storing Gadgets on separated Sidebar pages
  • More gadgets available soon



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  1. Thanks for the info, it came at the right time I just upgraded my desktop to windows 8 last night.I was not a fan of Windows 8 when it was first released, after playing with it for 24 hours now, I am starting to like it. I have been reading your old posts about W/8 .


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