Create An Archive Index Of Your Blog Posts

Recently I added an archive page to Bookmarks4Techs which is a listing of links (with titles) to every article I ever posted at What’s On My PC. When I came up with the idea I had to find a way to generate the list (which, at the time, was approximately 1450 articles) without expending a lot of work. I had some ideas up my sleeve; however, it goes back to an adage that I have; “If you can think of it, someone else has done it!”.

If you are using as your blogging platform, you will find that WordPress already has some shortcoding available that will allow to generate archive listings, in various types of formats. To generate the list that I needed, it was as simple as starting up the blogging editor in my account and inserting the shortcode [ archives ] in the editor, then clicking on Preview and voila’ there was a list of every article I ever posted in the order that they were posted. I simply then copied and pasted the listing into the Bookmarks4Techs archive page.

NOTE: In the example I used above, there are no spaces, between the brackets and the word archives. I had to place spaces between the brackets and the word archives to prevent WordPress from automatically generating the list of all my articles.

You can also insert additional archive shortcodes that will allow you to customize your lists.  See the examples provided below.  You can get more instruction and information on using these shortcodes [here] :




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6 thoughts on “Create An Archive Index Of Your Blog Posts

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  1. Rick, thanks for the tip, I’ve changed my Index of Posts page to use the archives function. It’ll save me lots of time in the future by not having to update the list manually. I just wish I could have it sorted by the post title. I couldn’t find out how in the reference pages you linked. I’ll keep on looking, and maybe will go to the forums for help. You just keep on innovating bro!!! Thanks again.


  2. Rick, I checked with the Support Forum, and the list can’t be ordered in any way other than chronologically.

    BTW, instead of copying the resulting post list into my Index of Posts page, I put the shortcode directly on my Index of Posts page, in the content area, using page edit, and it automatically updates when each new post is published. You can even use the font size, justification, bold, etc. that are available in the edit mode.


    1. Paul,

      Thanks for giving us the scoop on this… I did know about placing the shortcode in the page edit area to generate the list; HOWEVER, what you pointed out about the list updating itself, I did not know that it would dynamically update itself. This may be very, very helpful… Great job on this!



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