You Have Until January 31st To Upgrade And Save On Windows 8

I was in a conversation with a fellow about Windows 8 and I realized that he was unaware that money can be saved on the Windows 8 Pro upgrade if you purchase and download it directly from the Microsoft Store by January 31, 2013, (for $39.99). The DVD copy is available for $69.99. As a result of that conversation with this fellow, I thought I would let the reader’s of the blog know that the deadline for the savings on the upgrade is January 31st.

Windows 8

I know many are going to stick with their Windows XP, Vista or 7 setups; but, I can tell you I went the upgrade route to download Windows 8 and found it to be very stable, and an improvement over the previous versions of Windows. Yes, this version of Windows can present some challenges, but once you overcome the challenges you will ultimately be ahead of the curve and will soon be on the hunt for your own collection of Windows apps (which are being developed and posted on a daily basis).

Upgrading to Windows 8

If your PC is running Windows 7, your files, programs and settings will easily transfer to Windows 8 Pro. If your PC is running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will need to reinstall your apps. Some features such as touch may require a new PC. To check compatibility, visit your PC manufacturer’s website and check out to run the Upgrade Assistant to check for compatibility and get more details on system requirements.

Also, if you are a Windows Media Center user, you will have to download the Windows Media Center Pack as a separate download.  This download is free, only for a limited time (until January 31, 2013).

If your PC is running Windows 8 Pro and you’d like to get Windows 8 Media Center Pack so you can watch and record live TV with Windows Media Center, you can take advantage of the following special offer [click here]



Dropbox for Windows 8 now available for Download

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Windows 8 Wallpaper Set 13


HP Envy x2 11-g010nr 11.6-Inch Convertible Laptop





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2 thoughts on “You Have Until January 31st To Upgrade And Save On Windows 8

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  1. I actually paid $14.99 for my upgrade, someone sent me a link, I registered and Microsoft sent me a promo code, when I went through check out I entered the code and the final amount was $14.99.
    I have upgraded my desktop and laptop using this method.
    Thanks for the blog, it’s one of my favorite blogs online.


    1. Alicious,

      You may have found a $14.99 loophole. I’ve seen the $14.99 deal for new computers that are loaded with Windows 7. There was also a loophole where people was downloading the Windows Media Center, getting the license code, then fully activating Windows 8 with it. Microsoft finally closed that loophole. I have to wonder sometime about Microsoft when these sort of things occur…




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