A Must Learn Windows 8 Tip: How To Get To The Quick Access Menu And To The Windows 8 Start Menu

Many of the articles I post are often as a result of real world experiences. Recently, through conversation with a co-worker about Windows 8, they were expressing their dismay about not knowing an easy way to access the more advanced power user or system management functions in Windows 8 such as Control Panel, File Explorer (formerly called Windows Explorer), Search, etc… Their dismay soon turned to WOW, after I showed them how to access what is called the Quick Access Menu in Windows 8.  I consider knowing this tip as a must learn tip to accessing these key computer functions; plus, a HOW TO tip to accessing Windows 8’s version of the Start Menu (see below).

Quick Access Menu

You actually have two options to accessing this menu:

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the lower left corner of your screen and when the small (square) thumbnail screen appears, simply right mouse click and voila’ the Quick Access Menu will appear. This method of accessing the quick access menu is my favorite and can be accessed from the Windows 8 Start Screen and from the Window 8 desktop level, even if you have a program open. Learn to find and use this menu by practicing and before you know it, accessing the menu will become second nature.
  2. The second method, if you are into using keyboard shortcuts (which I am not) is simply hit the Winkey plus X (Windows Key + X).

What the Quick Access Menu gives you, is access to the following system management components:

Programs and Features
Power Options
Event Viewer
Device Manager
Disk Management
Computer Management
Command Prompt/Command Prompt (Admin)
Task Manager
Control Panel
File Explorer Search

Windows 8 Start Menu

Also, as an added bit of information. Many people think that the Start Menu is gone in Windows 8; whereas, it really is not. It just looks (a whole lot) different.  If you follow the steps I outlined above to access the Quick Access Menu, and click on Search, the convoluted Metro version of the Windows Start Menu will be launched. This definitely looks different than what we were used to in the previous Windows version; but, in essence, this is the Start Menu that lists, categorizes and will launch any of the programs on your computer.



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6 thoughts on “A Must Learn Windows 8 Tip: How To Get To The Quick Access Menu And To The Windows 8 Start Menu

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    1. Nhick,

      Appears your comment posting issue is fixed! You will have no problem with Windows 8… I am finding it to be very stable. I’m waiting for some more (good) apps hit the Windows Marketplace. That is the biggest downfall at this point. Once the apps build up, the people will come and will like it.



  1. Yap, the support guys at wp forum are just awesome… thanks for suggesting it Rick.

    Anywayz, just keep us posted about these apps.. I’m pretty sure sooner or later Windows 8 will be more powerful and secure. 🙂


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