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Ever hear of QuickLinkr? I never heard of QuickLinkr, until NOW…

QuickLinkr is a cloud based bookmarking service that gives you the ability to keep all of your bookmarks in one place, that is available from any device, any where, any time! QuickLinkr is currently in beta!


What separates QuickLinkr from many of the other bookmarking services is that once you add an URL (web site), QuickLinkr will capture and create a mini version of the bookmarked page (larger than a thumbnail) which creates a tiled type interface that is quite visually appealing.

I suggest you create an account with QuickLinkr so that you can customize your own Quickboard where you can create folders, make folders private or public, use a background image, view your bookmarked sites directly from QuickLinkr, etc… There are no ads, no social logins and no forced registration with QuickLinkr. A browser bookmarklet is also available that allows you to capture the URL of a site and send it directly to your QuickLinkr Quickboard.

To see a demo QuickLinkr in action, [CLICK HERE] .



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512GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive



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