A Must Have Cleaner App For Android Users

404 Tech Support, a member of the What’s On My PC blogroll, posted an article CCleaner-like app for Android that caught my attention; BUT, the real attention grabber in the article was one of the apps he recommended, called Clean Master.

I downloaded Clean Master and installed it on my Android smartphone (Sony Xperia X10) and installed it on my Android Tablet (Toshiba Thrive). Clean Master is an approximately 1.8 mb install that is worth its’ weight in gold.

Clean Master

After using Android for quite some time now and after installing (and uninstalling) numerous apps, I often wondered just how much data pollution was occurring on these devices. The term data pollution is a term I made up to describe leftover files and hidden files that you, the user, is totally unaware of.  These files on an Android device can include history files, cache files, residual files and the app packages (.apk files) that Android uses to install apps.

What I soon discovered, after installing and running Clean Master, is that the accumulation of these files can easily run into hundreds of megabytes. On my phone, which is an older powerhouse Android phone (Sony Xperia X10), space is precious to me.  After running Clean Master, I regained 35 MB’s of space. On my tablet (Toshiba Thrive), which I call my Android workhorse, I was able to reclaim nearly a gigabyte of space. I found Clean Master to be safe and did not alter or effect the operation of either of these devices.

404 Tech Support was correct in comparing Clean Master to CCleaner, the popular computer optimization and cleaning tool. This is a must have cleaner app for Android Users…

Key Features

History Eraser
Clean cache Files
Clean unused files
Manage and clean app packages
Remind unused files when app installed
Kill running tasks/release RAM


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5 thoughts on “A Must Have Cleaner App For Android Users

Add yours

  1. Oh crap. Please tell me that there is a “resurrection” type application I can use to restore the “photos” I had stored on
    my phone. Program works great all right. My error I’m sure.


  2. How can I find out how safe this program is, since it requires a boatload of permissions, more than I’ve ever seen for any app. Obviously that’s probably necessary for what it does, but it makes me suspicious for free app…(I frequently reject loading apps that require unnecessary access, since who knows how that data is being used, probably for marketing) Is there a way to find out app developer’s reputation or whether accessed data could be mined?


    1. Hi Anne777,

      You have posed a very good question and I suggest you go right to the source on this and contact the developer. I too, would be interested in hearing the “whys”…



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