Control Your Computer’s Sound Volume and Balance From the System Tray

Many of us depend on controlling the sound volume on our computers by adjusting the knob on the speakers themselves or through a dedicated controller on the keyboard.

Today, I want to share with you a small utility, called SimpleSndVol, that installs an icon in the system tray where you can, with minimal effort, manage the sound volume and balance to your speakers. Simply click on the icon and the following interface pops up with sliders that you can move around to make volume and balance adjustments.


What I especially like about SimpleSndVol, is that you can hover the mouse pointer over the icon and use the mousewheel to raise or lower the volume; plus, by performing a middle click will cause the sound to mute.

If you right mouse click on the SimpleSndVol tray icon, you will presented with a menu where you can open various system sound controller utilities on your computer (such as the volume mixer, sound applet and volume control options), the SimpleSndVol settings, and an IconSet that give you the ability to change the tray icon. My favorite icon is the one labelled “Triangl [Update]”. There are also some optional hotkey functions built-in if you prefer controlling the sound volume through the keyboard.


All-in-All, SimpleSndVol is one of my favorite sound utilities that is a work in progress that works nicely on Windows XP/7 and 8.


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