No More Forgotten Passwords

One of the newest concepts out there for managing passwords is the concept where you only have to remember ONE permanent “keyword”.  Based on that “keyword” a password is generated (and remembered) for whatever login you require. When you need to get the password, you simply return to the password managing site, enter the keyword, what you need the password for, and the password will magically appear. How these password managers (or generators) work is that a secure hash algorithm is used to generate the password which makes reverse-engineering of your keyword virtually impossible. The problem with some of these types of password managers is that: 1 – they are all mostly online and 2 – many of them will only accept website names; thus, restricting their usage.

Today I want to share with you an online service called Password Live that uses the same concept, as previously mentioned. Where Password Live is unique is that it will accept whatever you throw at it; PLUS, there is a downloadable desktop version available. On top of that, in comparison to other similar applications of this type, Password Live has taken into account that some logins will not allow you to use special characters or numbers and some sites restrict the length of the passwords; therefore, with Password Live you can manipulate the password types and password lengths.  In the end, with Password Live you end up with a very strong password.

Password Live

I know this all sound confusing, and it is, but it works…  Here is an example of how Password Live works (to try and explain the concept):

  1. Type ‘secretkey123’ into the ‘secret keyword’ area.
  2. Type ‘gmail’ into the ‘What for?’ area.
  3. Press ‘Generate Password’ and you will see your password for gmail.
  4. Now change ‘gmail’ to ‘amazon’ and press ‘Generate Password’ again. You will see the new password for amazon.
  5. If you change ‘amazon’ back to ‘gmail’ again, you will see the very same password you did previously! It means that you only have to remember that one secret keyword to have access to all your passwords.

In conjunction to using this program, I use a password manager, called S10 Password Vault, to store my passwords, as an added measure of security and backup.


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6 thoughts on “No More Forgotten Passwords

Add yours

    1. TucsonMatt,

      I agree, a portable app would be nice… This particular application pretty much depends on Microsoft Silverlight to run from the desktop (thus ruling out the portable app scenario). I have been seeing several of these types of password managers and I bet there are some more out there.




  1. Doesn’t having just one ‘keyword’ that gives access to all of your other passwords make things less secure rather than more secure? I’n referring to the online version. I suppose that you could make the ‘What for?’ entries hard to guess, but then you have to remember them instead of the passwords. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but centralized password management like this always makes my internal warning buzzer go off 🙂


    1. Sewerurchin,

      Yes, if your keyword were to be revealed, this could present a problem; however, what I like about Password Live is that you type in the “what for?” a strong “what for?”… For example, for gmail, I may reflect mygmailaccount. I do agree this is a different type of password management that does make you question it; but, that is because we have always done it one way or another. Most people are so loose with their passwords that it has surprised me that there is not more accounts being breached than what there are. Thanks for dropping by and expressing your concerns.



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