A Free Service That Makes Publishing Content On The Web As Easy As Pie

I really think what keeps me on the tech blogging circuit is that when I find something that is new and exciting I can share my excitement with people around the world.

My excitement today focuses around a web based service called Tackk, that gives you the ability to easily and creatively share  information on the web. I know you are thinking, so what,  there are many services that gives you this ability.


Folks, I am here to tell you that Tackk is something that I have found to be very different, something that does not require an account (unless you want to) and something that is easy as pie to do (even for the novice computer user). I can see Tackk becoming very, very popular.

Trying to explain Tackk here —  Let’s say you have something to sell. With Tackk you can easily create an online sales flyer and then give out the web address to the flyer for other people to see. Let’s say you have an announcement; create your announcement using Tackk and share the web address to the announcement for other people to see. Let’s say you have an opinion on gun control, post your opinion on Tackk for others to see, share the address, and your visitors can visit and make their own comments.

No software or login is required. No design skill needed. No community to join. Just visit the Tackk home page and start typing. When you’re done creating your Tackk, you can immediately share it with friends in your social networks or the internet at large. It’s no more complicated than tacking a flier to the coffee shop bulletin board.

Here are some of the popular tags I am seeing on Tackk:


A Live Example of A Tackk — You basically can create and post anything that you would want others to see and it is as easy as pie. For example, I posted an announcement on my Tackk Board of a new addition to the family [ CLICK HERE ] .

Tackk features an online editor that allows you to edit the font, background, color, add buttons, make a custom url, etc. There are features built in that you can add to your posting such as adding a comments box, accepting payment through paypal, adding a map, etc.

If you find Tackk to your liking, I highly recommend signing up for an account (which is FREE) so that you can manage your own collection of Tackks.



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