Most Descriptive Listing of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

What most people do not know about Windows; and, especially Windows 8, is that nearly every type of function in Windows can be controlled directly from their keyboard via keyboard shortcuts.

For example, in Windows 8 the classic Start Menu is missing. As a result of no Start Menu, people are at a loss when it comes to shutting down their computer at the Windows 8 desktop level. This is where having knowledge of keyboard shortcuts can come in handy. In this scenario, simply hitting the Alt + F4 keys in combination will ultimately lead you to the Windows Shutdown dialog box where you can select the shutdown option.


The reason I inserted the statement “ultimately lead you to” in the previous sentence is that each time you hit Alt + F4, and you have any programs open, that keyboard combination will individually shut down each open program until you reach the desktop level.

Another favorite of mine for shutting down my computer in Windows 8 is simply hit the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys in combination. That will take you to the screen where you can lock the computer, sign out, change your password, launch the task manager and where a small power button (bottom right of the screen) is located to power off the computer.  This keyboard combination will work from the Windows 8 Start Screen level and the desktop level.

Today I went on the hunt for a listing of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts and found many; however, the most visual descriptive listing I found was at a site called, ShortcutWorld.


At  ShortcutWorld you can find every Windows 8 keyboard shortcut you can think of in the following categories:

  1. Getting around Windows 8 Start Screen and Desktop
  2. Windows 8 Charme Shortcuts
  3. Switch between Apps and Windows
  4. Power User Commands Shortcuts
  5. Managing Windows 8 Desktop Windows
  6. Windows 8 Taskbar
  7. Navigating Desktop
  8. Windows Explorer
  9. The Rest

Also, ShortcutWorld has put together a very nice PDF download of all of the Windows 8 shortcuts [HERE]



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