A FREE Screen Dimmer Windows utility

Today’s post does not require a whole lot of explaining and to put it simply it is about a screen dimmer utility called PangoBright that will work with a multi-monitor setup.  It has one job and one job only: to manually dim your screens!


I know myself, with a LED monitor, there are times I have to tone down the brightness to keep my eyes from tiring. With, PangoBright installed (small 112 KB .exe file) and residing in the system tray, adjusting the brightness is two mouse clicks away – [ DOWNLOAD HERE ] .



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3 thoughts on “A FREE Screen Dimmer Windows utility

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  1. Just be sure you don’t download it from Tucows. Stay the hell away from tucows.com. They used to be a reputable place to download software, both free, trial and paid for. I just downloaded PangoBright from there and their ‘download manager’ added spyware, changed my homepage and added a program to run at startup to reinstall everything should I uninstall it. I cleaned it all out, but this sort of s**t just pisses me off.


    1. Barry,

      Thanks for sharing this with us… This is one of the reasons I always try to download directly from the developers. Everyone out there is using every angle possible to make a buck.



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