A Must Have Tech Product For Your Emergency Bug Out Bag

This week’s tech product is unique in that it is a product that everyone should have in their bug out bag. When I refer to the term “bug out”, I am talking about getting out of your immediate home based area due to an emergency condition, such as a weather emergency. When this occurs I would want to get my hands on the Adventurer Ambient Weather WR-11B (multi-purpose emergency device).

Ambient Weather WR-111B Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Digital Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger with NOAA Certified Weather Alert & Cables

Ambient Weather WR-111B

When I look at products such as this, I take a look at the customer reviews and the reviews on Adventure Ambient Weather WR-11B is very impressive [ see here ].

Power Specifications:

  • Dynamo Power: The hand crank generator charges the internal Lithium Ion battery
  • Solar Power: You can play this Radio with the direct Sun or charge the Lithium Ion battery
  • USB Power: With the included adapter, you can play or charge with USB power from a computer
  • Rechargeable Power: 3.7V/800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Included (non-proprietary)
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 0.5W

Radio Bands:

  • AM: 525 KHz to 1710KHz
  • FM: 88MHz to 108 MHz
  • Digital 7-Channel Weather Band
  • Weather Alert Mode with audible and visual indication

Other Features:

  • USB Charging Cable
  • Mini, Micro, and USB charging tips included (Apple™ owners can use the USB cable that came with your IPod, IPhone, or IPad)
  • 3-LED Flashlight
  • Flashlight Intensity: 15 lumens
  • Retractable Antenna
  • Audio Out for Personal Head Phones
  • Wrist lanyard
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ x 3.0″ x 2.0″
  • Weight: less than 0.5 lbs.


    • Ideal as an everyday radio, MP3/MP4 USB dock and an essential part of any preparedness kit. Always ready to provide vital information and illumination in any emergency.
    • Rubberized finish makes the ADVENTURER comfortable to grip.
    • Green energy – a sustainable product that’s built to last.
    • The WR-111 offers a real alternative to grid electricity or fossil fuels, so you can feel cleaner about your nature experience. Never worry about buying, carrying or disposing of batteries again.
    • The ADVENTURER self-charge mechanism converts over 70% of your kinetic energy into stored electricity.
    • Self-charge while playing anytime to top up the power – never miss the end of that song, the end of the game or that last item in the news report.
    • The integrated LED is a vital source of light in blackouts, or just when checking your alarm clock at your bedside in the morning.

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5 thoughts on “A Must Have Tech Product For Your Emergency Bug Out Bag

Add yours

  1. Hey Rick,

    I ordered one… We go camping for about 2 weeks. Would be great to have.Thanks.

    ROFL…I checked Amazon.ca for giggles. I got a nice giggle..It was $77 something..and that was before the shipping and handling.. Yeppers, Amazon.ca is always good for a laugh.


    1. Hey Delenn,

      How are you doing? $77 bucks, what a rip! I am thinking of getting one of these too. Maybe I will let you be the guinea pig here and you can let us know the verdict.



      1. Hey Rick,

        Doing OK for an unemployed person.. Probably shouldn’t have bought this. But couldn’t resist. Just got an email..It has been shipped. Will let you know when I get it. I read the reviews…If there is a problem, the CS is great.


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