Hitting the Computer Information Technology Motherload With The NEW Bookmarks4Techs.com

As many of you know, I maintain a second website called Bookmarks4Techs. As of today I announce that I have moved Bookmarks4Techs to a FREE host (called Weebly) that allows you to use your own domain name for FREE (if you have one). At first I was sort of skeptical of this; however, after using Weebly’s online editor to build the site, I am pretty much sold. Weebly has a large array of templates which to pick from and is an excellent way to establish an online presence.


If you are not familiar with Bookmarks4Techs, I suggest that you bookmark or blogroll it for future reference. Bookmarks4Techs is one of the largest indexes of tech sites on the internet (over 600 links). If you are looking for information regarding software, apps, android, apple, windows, hardware, gadgets, tech news, tech blogs;then you you hit the motherload with Bookmarks4techs.com …

Throughout the years of maintaining What’s On My PC, I have managed to accumulate (and continue to accumulate) links to numerous tech sites. As a result, I decided to share these links with you through Bookmarks4Techs! I personally use the site to navigate the internet looking for ideas for my next article and to keep myself up-to-date on computer information technology. As an added bonus you will find numerous RSS Feeds to some very popular tech sites.

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