FREE Fax Service For Occasional Use

If you are like me, it is far and few between the instances where I need to send a fax (facsimile). On two occasions in the past month I needed to send a fax. Having no actual fax machine to do this, I started exploring some of the online (internet based) faxing options. What I settled with that worked very nicely, on both of those occasions, was an online faxing service called MyFax.


MyFax® is an award winning and the fastest growing Internet fax service used by individuals, small, medium, and large businesses to send and receive faxes through email.

MyFax is actually a paid service; HOWEVER, they do offer a FREE option for sending those occasional faxes. Any actual person may use the Site to send up to two (2) free faxes per day, each fax not to exceed nine (9) pages in length (plus the cover page.) and not to exceed 10MBs in size.

To send a FREE fax, meeting the criteria as indicated above, go to this page [HERE] and complete the online form to show the recipient of the fax, who it is from, and a text message for the cover sheet.  After completing these entries, upload the documents you desire to fax. In my case, my documents were in a PDF format. It appears that MyFax will also recognize doc files also (and others, but I could not find what the other file formats were).

In the end, using MyFax, I can attest on the two occasions I used it, sending five pages, it worked quickly and without error. I received an email to indicate the status of the fax (that it was successfully sent).



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  1. This information is either way out of date or only applies in some geographical areas. There is no free fax option when you click onthe above link now. In fact, its a very expensive service!


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