Wallpaper of the Week (#115) – B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

This week’s wallpaper is a detailed image of the B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber that was recently flown over South Korea to participate in annual military exercises amid spiking tensions with North Korea.

The B-2’s low-observable, or “stealth”, characteristics enable the undetected penetration of sophisticated anti-aircraft defenses and to attack even heavily defended targets. – [source: wikipedia]

To Get This Wallpaper – [ CLICK HERE ]

B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

Windows 7 (and 8) Users: If you are using Windows 7 (or 8), did you know you can create a desktop background slideshow to show off your pictures and wallpaper images?  To learn how to use this feature [CLICK HERE].


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6 Responses to Wallpaper of the Week (#115) – B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

  1. Rick,
    Great photo! I can always depend on you to have high quality content on your blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Ramblinrick says:


      I have always been fascinated with the Stealth Bomber. When I was doing IT, as a job, I actually had my work area designed around the shape of the Stealth… I guess I was trying to put my office into stealth mode; however, I was always on somone’s radar.

      Thanks for commenting…


  2. acitodg says:

    Thanks a lot for the mention Rick!

  3. Good for wallpaper background,. Does windows 7 &8 has any feature to create wallpapers

  4. jack jhon says:

    so amazing
    thanks for sharing

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