POLL: What is your opinion of Windows 8?

Today I decided to do something a little different; more or less, as an experiment of sorts. Since the release of Windows 8 I have had the opportunity to see where people stand when it comes to Windows 8. Most of these people are people who were finally just becoming comfortable with Windows; as it was in Windows XP, Vista and 7. What I am witnessing is that Windows 8 really does have the home-based computer user, more or less; confused, discombobulated, disoriented, thrown for a loop, and just plain frustrated. From my personal experience of using Windows 8, I did find it initially confusing (different); however, in the end I am finding it to be a very stable operating system that I actually like. Some people are comparing it to the release of Vista, which is far from the truth.

What I decided to present today, on the blog, is a poll of sorts to see where you stand when it comes to Windows 8. I have never posted a poll here before so this will be an interesting experiment.  I also encourage you to post your opinion via the comments section, as well.

Let’s get started…

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8 thoughts on “POLL: What is your opinion of Windows 8?

Add yours

  1. You left off…

    “Meh” or “Haven’t tried it. Satisfied with with what I am using.” Or maybe, “I follow the Star Trek Movie Rating Policy…’Only the odd versions are good.”


    1. LOL… Windows 8 is an OK operating system. I like it because I finally have gotten to play around with something different. From a marketing standpoint, Microsoft should have provided some built in options and kept the Start Menu in place. If they would have done that, there would not be the outcry. I am seeing where Windows 8.1 will be out and I am hoping they are going to implant those options. Otherwise — It is a very stable operating system. Thanks for dropping by Delenn13…



  2. I use it but with Start Menu 8 because I cannot get to grips with the Metro interface. Quicker than Win 7 but noting special so far. I have been told that a clean install is better than the upgrade, especially if you have (like me) upgraded from Vista to 7 and now to 8.


    1. John,

      Thanks for your input and experience… I too went the upgrade route and also installed, one of the many, Start Menu’s. My PC, when purchased, came with Vista. Has been through the Windows 7 and Windows upgrades and is running great. Note: I probably just jinxed it by saying “running great”.



  3. It’s my primary OS on my main computer just so I can familiarize myself with it more.

    It’s stable and faster than 7 and probably more secure as well. It’s just that when Microsoft decided to emulate Apple and try and recreate the walled garden, app store approach, they didn’t get the memo that iOS on iPhone and iPad looks and works much differently from OSX. Trying to force an excellent phone and tablet interface on a full-size desktop with no touch was not a good move. I have a non-touch 27″ monitor, and I don’t need a Metro or Modern UI app taking up a full screen! Plus, I don’t want my desktop monitor to look like the screens on my phone and tablet – fingerprints all over!

    No Start Button was too much on top of the new Start screen and dual Modern UI / Desktop switching back and forth. Again… no button on phone or tablet may be fine, but on a big desktop using mouse and keyboard, not quite so friendly!


  4. I don’t like the way I have an operating system with two UIs. Its not elegant or simple. Its messy. That really bothers me. And I wont use the new UI much because there is no task bar. No task bar is a deal breaker for me. That’s why I’ll never browse the web in windows 8 mode. F that.

    I find that 99% of what I do on my computer is in the web browser. For me, the windows 8 apps are beautiful but mostly a novelty. I prefer to do things in the web browser where I can switch between tabs.

    I have a touchscreen laptop but I don’t use touch while online. Touch for me is secondary and again, probably more of a novelty on a laptop but we’ll see about that.

    I am probably going to go back to windows 7 and if windows make it hard for me to downgrade then screw them, I’ll get Linux. Then I’ll just wait and see if Microsoft get their shit together. Imo they need to keep some of the cool things about windows 8 (the touch motions and some of the style and aesthetics) and integrate them with a more traditional desktop UI so there is single UI and it has a taskbar and a way to close windows with a mouse click.


  5. Beware… People who have selected “I LOVE WINDOWS 8” might be from competitors who do not want to bring Win 8 back on track! A child can tell Win 8 is hopeless!


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