The Start Menu Will Be Back In Windows 8.1. Is This An Upgrade or a Downgrade?

One thing that I have learned over the years is to try and look at Computer Information Technology through the eyes of the end user, which is YOU!. When Microsoft released Windows 8, which by the way is an excellent operating system, they forgot to look at it through the eyes of the end user, which is YOU! For me, it was another toy to play with and I made myself understand it (because that is what I do); but, 99 percent of the people who use computers are not like me.  99 percent of these people were finally getting somewhat in the groove of learning and navigating Windows and then Microsoft dropped the Windows 8 bombshell that really threw people off. I daily hear the complaints about the Start Menu being missing and that you have to jump through a hoop to get to the desktop.

I do have some good news about Windows 8.  In the very near future you are going to see an upgrade to Windows 8 (which will be FREE), called Windows 8.1, that in a sense is actually a downgrade.

Windows 8.1 Start Menu

You need to jump over to Paul Thurott’s Supersite for Windows to read about the changes that are going to occur when the Windows 8 downgrade or I mean upgrade occurs.  The biggest change is that Microsoft is giving in and is going to return the Start Menu and will give you the option of booting to the desktop instead of the Metro Start Screen. They are also planning some other neat changes…



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