NEW Utility From NirSoft – TurnedOnTimesView

I happened to notice a NEW utility from NirSoft has been developed, called TurnedOnTimesView. If you are not familiar with NirSoft you will discover that it is actually a person (Nir Sofer) who has developed a wide range of system utilities that have become very popular. To see all of the utilities that Nir Sofer has developed [ CLICK HERE ] .  If you are a Computer Tech or and IT Professional, I am sure you will find something at NirSoft that you will want to stash into your tech toolbox..

Getting back to TurnedOnTimvesView… It is a system utility that analyses the event log of Windows operating system, and detects the time ranges that your computer was turned on. As a result, with this utility you can determine the following:

Startup Time
Shutdown Time
Shutdown Reason
Shutdown Type
Shutdown Process
Shutdown Code


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