Print Anywhere, From Any Device, Using Google Cloud Print

Google is rolling out a service, called Cloud Print, that allows you to print anywhere, from any device to printers you designate; OR, get this, to a PDF file that is then automatically stored in your Google Drive account.

I found setting this up to be quite easy (see “How To” links below) and quite handy when I need to send a print job from my Chrome browser and Android Devices. This has actually helped me solve the problem of printing from my android phone and tablet to my old printer (which is not wireless).  Many of the printer manufacturers are developing cloud ready printers (i.e. see the HP Deskjet 3510 e-All-in-One Printer).

You can also print from Windows applications; however, the FREE edition of Cloud Print for Windows is quite limited (i.e. limited to registering one printer, one page print jobs, no printer sharing.)  Submitting print jobs to GCP is limited to three per day.  You can up the ante on this by going with some of the paid options.

Google Cloud Print

To get you started on this I will keep this short and to the point:

To learn more about Cloud Print – [CLICK HERE]

How to add a cloud ready printer – [CLICK HERE]

How to add a classic printer – [CLICK HERE]

How to use Cloud Print from your Android Device – [CLICK HERE]

How to Connect Windows PC Printers to Google Cloud Print –  [CLICK HERE]

Apps that work with Google Cloud Print – [CLICK HERE]

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