Frequently Asked Questions About Windows 8.1 Preview

To those of you (at home), who have Windows 8 based computers, please know that Microsoft will be soon releasing, to the general public, an upgrade to Windows 8, called Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1).

What is all this talk about Windows 8.1 Preview?

This past week Microsoft released the “preview version” of Windows 8.1, so that it can be tested and run in the wild by computer guys like myself to make sure it is polished enough to release to the general public.

Windows 8.1 Preview

Is this a good thing?  You bet it is…  The underpinning’s of Windows 8 is a really solid operating system, but Microsoft released it with changes that really caused a stir. Most of the stir was from what people were visually seeing on the surface, such as the computer no longer booted to the desktop; and, once they figured out how to get to the desktop, the Start Menu was no longer there. This upgrade will remedy these concerns and hopefully bring back that warm and fuzzy feeling that has literally taken home based computer users many years to get accustomed to.

Some answers to some questions you may have about Windows Blue (8.1), are reflected below:

(NOTE: If you click on any one of the links below, you will be taken directly to the Microsoft FAQ page for Windows 8.1.  I outlined these questions from the Microsoft site to show my readers what the most commonly asked question are about Windows 81. Preview.)

Is Windows 8.1 Preview ready for everyone to try?

Are there risks to installing Windows 8.1 Preview?

What are the system requirements for Windows 8.1 Preview?

What languages is the preview available in?

Will my devices and programs work with Windows 8.1 Preview?

Will I be able to keep my files, settings, and apps if I install Windows 8.1 Preview?

How do l install Windows 8.1 Preview?

Do I need a product key to install Windows 8.1 Preview?

Can I uninstall Windows 8.1 Preview?

How do I provide feedback?

Where do I go for Windows 8.1 Preview support?

Where can I get more info about Windows 8.1 Preview for businesses and IT professionals?

I want to build apps for Windows 8.1—what resources are available?

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