Create Your Own Personal StartPage With YOURLS

There are numerous online browser startpage and homepage launchers out there that allow you to collect your favorite websites in a customized and organized manner.

This past week I came across a newcomer on the block called YOURLS. What makes YOURLS special is that it is downright simple to use in that it allows you to to create a personal startpage (and sub pages) of your favorite URLs. If you visit a fixed set of favorite websites (facebook, google, work-related links, etc), on a frequent basis, then YOURLS cannot be beat. I have been using this past week and I can tell you, I love it…  It is easy to use, customizable and loads fast…  Once you establish an account, set up your own customized page(s); you then have access to your favorite links from anywhere on the planet.

Click the screenshot below to get a sampling of what my YOURLS startpage looks like (and I am not done yet):


Another feature that I really like is that there are browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome that gives you the ability to capture any site you visit and place the site’s url in any category on your Yourls page(s).

Why use YOURLS?
YOURLS saves you time every day that you use the internet, because you do not have to type in those same websites addresses over and over again …
YOURLS stores your favorite links in the cloud, so that you can access them from any browser, device or location
YOURLS let’s you discover new links based on your interests and let’s you share your favorite links with your friends through social media

Who should use YOURLS?

– Every person who uses the internet daily to visit a fixed set of favorite websites (facebook, google, work-related links, etc)
– Organizations like schools, libraries or businesses who own multiple PC’s and want to configure a browser startpage on all devices

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