Try Before You Buy – An Online Simulation Of Windows 8

Now this is pretty cool… If you wondering what the look and feel of Windows 8 is like, [CLICK HERE] to experience Windows 8 in your web browser. When the lock screen loads, simply use the mouse to drag upward on the screen. To make it easier, [CLICK HERE] and you will be taken directly to the Windows 8 Start Screen (or Metro Screen). To move the Start Screen back and forth you will find horizontal arrows to perform this task; and yes, the apps you see on the tiles will actually load. If you like this demo of Windows 8 and would like to use it for training purposes, you can actually the download the demo OR get the Firefox WebApp [CLICK HERE] .

For you geeky types out there, wondering how this was done, I found that this online simulator (of Windows 8) was very nicely done using HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding.

Online Windows 8 Video

Online Windows 8 is an online simulation of Windows 8 made by ntim007, link6155, DaKoder, and blindbartemais. It has tons of features and tools, all based on Metro UI.


– Startscreen
– Logon screen
– Lockscreen
– Desktop
– Over 20 apps to play with, including but not limited to:
— Cut the Rope
— Angry Birds
— Fruit Ninja
— Calculator
— Calendar
— Weather
— Metro IE
— Grooveshark
— Photos
– Any many more apps! Try out the demo and download it now!

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