Today’s Geek Squeaks – September 7, 2013

A summary of Today’s Geek Squeaks:

Squeak #1: I cannot stress the importance of backing up your personal files and having a backup strategy in place. There are numerous (FREE) backup programs out there, but the one I rely on is FreeFileSync (which is available as a full install or as a portable app);

Squeak #2: If you are A T-Mobile customer and are currently subscribed in one of their legacy value plans (under the 2 year contract agreement), you may want to look into migrating to their Simple Choice plan which starts with unlimited talk, text, and web (including up to 500 MB of high-speed data) on their advanced nationwide network. The reason I bring this up is that I took advantage of the migration, gained web access on my wife’s phone (my phone already had it), at the same cost I was paying for the value plan. When my contract expires I will simply remain in the Simple Choice plan and not be tied to any contract (see below);

Squeak #3: We all agree that the clarity of HDTV (high definition) is awesome and that nothing can beat it, right?  Wrong! Going to teach you something here. The next buzzword out there is 4K TV… It is HDTV on steroids (see below); AND,

Squeak #4: A 3 TB external, portable hard drive, that boasts military-grade protection against water, pressure, vibration, and dust. The price will surprise you (see below)…


Plan on seeing  a lot more of Geek Squeaks’, featuring a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it;  from my favorite tech web sites… I just plain love tech!

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FREE Open Source Software That Helps You Synchronize Files And Folders



It is designed to optimize user productivity and runtime performance to help get your files in sync quickly and reliably. FreeFileSync aims to provide high-quality software with a strict zero open bugs policy. This is achieved by quick turnaround times and free 24/7 support for everyone… GET IT HERE

TMobile – Value Plan Customers Can Migrate To the Simple Choice Plan


Can an existing Value plan customer migrate to the Simple Choice plan without a migration fee?

Yes. Existing Value plan customers can migrate to the new rate plans without a migration fee. However, you’ll keep your current annual service contract commitment end date… READ MORE

You’ll Never Want to Stop Watching 4K TV

@ Mashable


A 4K Ultra HD display (like a television set) has twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of a typical 1080p HDTV. That means it has four times as many pixels and has a resolution of 3840 pixels x 2160 lines. This means that you can get the clarity you get on your smartphone or tablet — but on the big screen… READ MORE

The Price Is Right On This
Military Grade Portable External Hard Drive


  • USB 3.0 Super Speed (High transferring rate up to 5 Gbps/sec)
  • Standard Compliance: USB 3.0 / 2.0
  • Anti-pressure and anti-dust function
  • In compliance with US military grade MIL-STD-810F 516.5 procedures IV (Transit drop test) and IEC529 IPX7 water resistant test
  • LED indicates power on and data access
  • Delicate cable storage design
  • SP Widget free download software features seven main functions to maximize your SP Portable Hard Drive
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, WinXP, Win2000, Mac 10.3.X above, Linux 2.6.X above


Be Sure To Visit


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