Today’s Geek Squeaks – September 18, 2013

A summary of Today’s Geek Squeaks:

Squeak #1 – (Geek Uninstaller): A perfect match for Geek Squeaks; a Geek Uninstaller. I have used this uninstaller for many months and it is flat out awesome. Portable, FREE, and gets the job done. Better than the uninstaller that is built into Windows (see below);

Squeak #2 – (VERY IMPORTANT – Internet Explorer Fix): Hackers have exploited a security flaw in Internet Explorer that has Microsoft issuing a downloadable fix. If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, it is important that you close the door on this security flaw (see below);

Squeak #3 – (How to delete yourself on the internet):  I know myself, I have created numerous accounts on the internet to the point that I am plastered out there everywhere. I often wondered if there was a way to delete myself (see below); AND,

Squeak #4 – (Mini USB 2.0 to SATA/eSATA Converter): This converter allows you to take an internal SATA/eSATA drive and externally connect it to the USB port on your PC (see below)…


Plan on seeing  a lot more of Geek Squeaks’, featuring a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it;  from my favorite tech web sites… I just plain love tech!

See An Endless Stream Of Geek Squeaks’ [ HERE ]

Geek Uninstaller – Efficient and Fast, Small and Portable


GeekUninstaller will help you keep your computer clean and organized! Instant startup, minimalistic, simple but efficient user interface. Single EXE runs flawlessly on both 32 and 64-bit Windows 7/8/XP/Vista. When running on x64 Windows GeekUninstaller is running as a native 64-bit application… GET IT HERE

Microsoft Rushes Out Fix
To Prevent Internet Explorer Attacks

@ NBC News Technology


Microsoft released an emergency software fix for Internet Explorer on Tuesday after hackers exploited a security flaw in the popular Web browser to attack an unknown number of users.

The software maker said on its website it released the software, known as a “Fix It,” as an emergency measure to protect customers after learning about “extremely limited, targeted attacks” that made use of the newly discovered bug… READ MORE

How To Delete Your Online Account or Erase Yourself From The Internet

@ My Technology Guide


Do you ever feel that the account you created on Facebook or Twitter or any other website is useless and you want to erase yourself from that website? Well, here’s a website which might help… READ MORE

Mini USB 2.0 to SATA/eSATA Converter


Mini USB 2.0 to SATA/eSATA Converter can turn any SATA/eSATA mass storage device into a convenient external USB 2.0 high speed drive. Meanwhile, it supports 2.5″ & 3.5″ AATA/eSATA hard drives, SATA CD/DVD drives and eSATA drive enclosure, perfect to copy and offload files between hard drives… CHECK IT OUT HERE

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