Today’s Geek Squeaks – November 7, 2013

Summary Listing of Today’s Geek Squeaks’:

– Search NTFS volumes at insane speeds, given the right privileges.
– Some Nexus 5 Support Tips
– A Free Android Memory Booster App (and system cleaner)
– A Wireless Pan/Tilt/Zoom Surveillance Camera For Home

Geek Squeaks’ features a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it;  from my favorite tech web sites… I just plain love tech!


A Lightweight Program Whose Purpose Is To Help You Quickly Find Files

I recently posted a squeak on Five Efficient Alternatives To Windows Search and a reader wrote in to tell me about another alternative called SwiftSearch.

I took SwiftSearch for a spin and liked the idea that it is a down and dirTy open source application that reads the NTFS file table to locate files. End result is an search application that can find files at insane speeds. To use this application you must have Admin rights and a NTFS formatted drive.


Typically searches yield full results in ~10 seconds or less, a significant speedup for many users. As a bonus, this program also supports path-based search (for example, you can search for “*Program*\ Windows*”), regular expressions (just start the search name with ‘>’ character), and full directory sizes. Its goal is to be simple, swift, and intuitive to use.


Some Nexus 5 Support Tips


Start using your Nexus 5

Insert a SIM card in your Nexus 5
Charge your Nexus 5
Set up your Nexus 5

Use your phone

Make a phone call
Use caller ID by Google
Answer or divert calls
Use the call log
Options during a call
Listen to your voicemail
Place an Internet call
Call settings


Read & manage messages
Send or respond to a message
Change Messaging settings

A FREE Android Memory Booster App

If you are looking for an Android App that is similar to the PC version of CCleaner, then take a look at Clean Master… I currently run this on all of my Android devices to clear out the cache and junk files; AND, free up RAM and storage space…


[Junk Files] – Clean Cache and Residual Files
On Android devices, cache and residual files can build up and occupy gigabytes of your phone’s space. Cleaning junk files can help free up memory on your device and SD card.

[Privacy] – Delete History
Privacy is important and many of your apps silently record your personal data, such as your web browser data, Google search history, and more. Clean Master can erase this information and keep your personal data secure.

[Memory Boost] – Advanced Task Manager
Tasks running in the background not only occupy system RAM, but also waste your battery life. Task Killer can stop other apps that are running in the background and free up more RAM to speed up your Android device. This includes a shortcut called “1 Tap Boost”, easily accessible from your home screen.

[App Manager] – Uninstaller, Backup, Move to SD
An uninstaller that is an improvement over the default Android version, which is also able to create backup .apk files. Some rooted users will also be able to move apps to their SD card as well as uninstall pre-installed and system apps.

[Widget] – Memory Booster Widget
A handy shortcut that allows you to instantly boost your pone’s memory from a phone widget. To enable the widget, just touch the homescreen with a long hold until a window appears, then scroll down and select the Clean Master Widget.


D-Link Wireless HD Pan & Tilt Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera

Who says you cannot inexpensively install your own home and/or business surveillance system?


Protect more of what you value with the clarity and mobile control of D-Link’s Cloud Camera 5000 surveillance solution (model DCS-5222L). Download the exclusive mydlink app and monitor your home or business–anywhere, anytime–on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Pan, tilt, and digital zoom on-demand to capture the perfect angle and see more of your home or business with smooth, responsive control. Experience the clarity of 720p HD quality and never miss a detail. And with integrated motion-sensing, automated email alerts, and night-vision technology, the Cloud Camera 5000 remains vigilant 24 hours a day, whether you’re there or not.


Be Sure To Visit

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