Today’s Geek Squeaks – December 21, 2013

LAST FREE VERSION of Weather Watcher… One of my favorite weather programs.

MANAGE YOUR ANDROID FROM A WEB BROWSER, all over the air. Take control of your Android phone or tablet from the comfort of your computer.  No wires required…

TODAY’S RANDOM TECH SITE PICK features a ton of stuff on Windows (especially Windows 8.1) and other tech stuff. This is a super site…

TOP 10 TECH FAILS of 2013… Can you guess what they were???

NEXUS 7 brings you the perfect mix of power and portability and features the world’s sharpest 7″ tablet screen. This is the tablet ot buy…


Weather Watcher 5.5.63 (Last Free Version)


This is one of my most favorite Weather applications.  It is still in development; however, went the shareware route. I was able to find the last freeware (FREE) version [click here] .  So far, running great on Windows 8.1…




AirDroid is a free and fast Android device manager app that helps you manage your Android phone/tablet from a web browser, all over the air… GET IT HERE

Today’s Random Tech Site Pick (with sample article)


New security features added to Microsoft Accounts – Microsoft has added three new security features to its Microsoft Account which you use to sign into various Microsoft’s services like SkyDrive, and Windows 8. A recent activity page, new recovery codes option and more control of security notifications has been added… READ MORE

Featured Topics:

Windows 8.2 to bring back the Start Menu
UXTheme Multi-Patcher 9.0 Released – Windows 8/8.1 support
Nero BackItUp – 5GB Free Online Storage
Animated Christmas Tree for Windows desktop
New VLC for Windows 8.1 Screenshots

Top 10 tech fails of 2013

@ NBC News


It was a year of great tech triumphs, including big and beautiful phablets, a new wave of easy-to-use fitness trackers and cheap-but-versatile gadgets like the Chromecast. The jury is still out on smartwatches. But there’s just as much cause for hand-wringing among tech companies whose new products flopped… READ MORE

Google Nexus 7 Tablet (7-Inch, 16GB, Black) by ASUS


Nexus 7 is made by ASUS and packs a serious punch. With a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor and 2GB of RAM, everything runs faster. Plus, high-performance rendering ensures 3D graphics are smooth and dynamic…ensures 3D graphics are smooth and dynamic… CHECK IT OUT HERE

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