Geek Squeak: An Easy To Follow Tutorial On Creating Windows Shortcuts To Shutdown, Restart, Log Off or Suspend Your Computer

If you are new to Windows 8 (or 8.1) I am sure at some point you began searching for the shutdown or restart button and had a dickens of a time locating it. Even after you do locate it, you are thinking this is not very convenient. Well… There is a solution and the solution showed up in my Twitter feed this morning from The Windows Club.

They have put together and easy to follow tutorial that will walk you through the process of creating shortcuts for various power option menus in Windows – shortcut to shut down, restart, log off and suspend your Windows computers easily….  CHECK IT OUT HERE

For example, using the tip they provided I created a shortcut to shut down my Windows 8 PC and then pinned the shortcut to my taskbar (which makes it real convenient).


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