GEEK SQUEAK: A Social Media Dashboard Application For Managing Your Twitter Activity

imageTo be honest, I have avoided the social media circuits, until recently… A good friend of mine introduced me to Twitter and I started messing around with it and discovered that there is a whole lot you can do with Twitter other than tweeting.

Furthermore, to bring all that Twitter has to offer, I came across their online dashboard client application, called TweetDeck, that gives you the ability to take all of those tweets, mentions, messages, lists, trends, favorites, search results, and hashtags; and, display them in a series of customizable columns.


Since I am just getting into Twitter (and still learning), I discovered that TweetDeck has been around for awhile (since 2008) and I’m just behind the times.  Regardless, I thought I would post this as a geek squeak and hopefully one of my readers who is a Twitter addict may say, “I did not know about this!”…

If you have a Twitter account, GO HERE to setup your very own TweetDeck.

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Note to my readers: I am trying something NEW where I am taking my geek squeaks’ name and using it to post short renditions of things (called “squeaks”) that I come across that I think you will find interesting. “Twitter has Tweets, What On My PC has (Geek) Squeaks…”



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