GEEK SQUEAKS – Featuring A Windows-Based Portable App Tool For Updating Windows

Today’s Geek Squeaks, I am featuring a portable app utility that, as an IT professional, may be a tool to include in your toolbox… It is called Portable Update.

Portable Update

To keep this short, Portable Update uses an external cache to store updates.  Once an update is copied to the cache, the same update can be used on multiple computers that would require the update.

When is an app like this useful:

  • When the computer reside on a secure lan isolated from internet;
  • When the computer to update doesn’t have access or can’t use a proxy server;
  • When is necessary to completely update a fresh-formatted computer with the last update before to connect it to network;
  • When the computer doesn’t have an hardware network connection at all;
  • When the network connection speed is too low or it is necessary to update the computer very speedily;
  • In all the other cases when is mandatory to have the complete control on the whole updating process without connecting the computer to the network.



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