DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS – Some Really Good, FREE, and Tasty Software

Icecream Apps One of my passions is software and when I come across something that is professional in stature and FREE, I really get excited.

Software developers are a completely different breed of people that are dedicated to a building process that can literally require years of devotion to get it just right or to keep up with changes. I do not think people really give enough credit to these folks. This past week I stumbled across a freeware developer called Icecream Apps that has produced a treasure trove of very usable high quality Windows based software.

Looking for something to post on the blog, I initially stumbled across one of Ice Cream Apps products; however, as I researched further I found that Ice Cream Apps has produced a whole array of products (see below). I encourage you to take a look at their products (again, all FREE); and if you do, I think you will find their level of production is comparable to and maybe even better than their commercial counterparts.

As a side note; The one product they produce (Media Converter) is something I was really looking for to convert media files. This converter also has built in to it a YouTube downloader that will give you the ability to batch download YouTube videos and music and convert them to various video and audio formats.

To make this easy, I have captured each product they produce (with a short description). Enjoy your Ice Cream!!!


Ice Cream Apps

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