FREE SafeHouse Explorer – An Excellent Alternative Replacement To TrueCrypt

As a geek who has a passion for software, I often get on these kicks where I will focus on one particular software category. Lately, with all the news of various cloud based services being compromised, I started on the hunt for some good file/folder encryption software. What I was looking for was something that I could run as a standalone application (portable app) that could be executed, not only from my computer, but from a flash drive; PLUS, I wanted something where I could encrypt my files prior to copying them and making them resident in the cloud.

What I was finding that there are many encryption utilities out there; however, many of them I felt uncomfortable with due that they are not being actively updated and/or further developed. I wanted something that had weathered the changes in Windows operating system and was still being actively developed and promoted. As a matter of fact, TrueCrypt, one of the most recognized encryption utilities out there, recently experienced a setback and mysteriously vaporized leaving existing users wondering about the security of their data.

During my thought processes of all of this I remembered featuring on the blog (just over 2 years ago) a FREE encryption utility, called SafeHouse Explorer. Sure enough, after visiting and browsing the SafeHouse Explorer site, the software is still running strong and is current with Windows 8. They even offer a commercial version of their software.

After downloading SafeHouse Explorer and testing out the software, it was then I realized that with cloud storage being the thing, SafeHouse Explorer may have been ahead of its’ time when I first used it a couple years back. SafeHouse Explorer can be stored on the cloud where it can be downloaded and run from any Windows based computer. It also has the ability to create what is called self-extracting EXE encrypted storage vaults where you could encypt a bunch of files, package them as an EXE, and send them up to the cloud; THEN, when you need the files again you would download and run the EXE, enter your password, and the files are then accessible to you. If your cloud based service will not accept EXE files, simply upload the vault file

Following my testing of SafeHouse Explorer and using it in the various scenarious (i.e. as a portable app, as a cloud encryption solution) I can say SafeHouse Explorer is the way to go. My suggestion is to download, run and take the time to learn how SafeHouse Explorer works. You will not be disappointed:PLUS, you will gain the satisfaction that you have a solution in hand to protect files you store on the internet.

  • Complete full-featured stand-alone security solution.
  • Hides, locks and encrypts documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos and anything else.
  • Perfect for USB memory sticks and other portable media – even iPods!
  • Super strong 256-bit Twofish advanced encryption ensures your total protection.
  • Unlimited number of private storage vaults as large as 2,000 Gigabytes each.
  • Graphical password strength meter helps you choose strong passwords.
  • Can be run directly from USB memory sticks without prior Windows installation.
  • Can create self-extracting EXE encrypted storage vaults. Just click and run.
  • Fully-compatible with all other SafeHouse products and file formats.
  • Full version is 100% FREE and freely distributable. Never expires!

 SPECIAL NOTETo make SafeHouse Explorer a portable app, download the software and there is a feature in the software that makes it easy to transfer the SafeHouse Explorer program to your flash drive (or other portable media).

VIDEO – See SafeHouse Explorer In Action


4 thoughts on “FREE SafeHouse Explorer – An Excellent Alternative Replacement To TrueCrypt

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  1. Hello,
    I think it is important to recognise the different between TrueCrypt that encrypted the whole disk, and SafeHouse which is a file and folder encryption tool. They are subtly different, designed to protect against different threats.
    Even if SafeHouse is a great file and folder encryption tool, I would still recommend using a disk encryption tool, for example, to protect all those copies of files that applications like MS Word spread all over the disk, and page files.


    1. Colin,

      Point well taken… I was looking at TrueCrypt from the angle of creating an encrypted container to store files (which SafeHouse also does).

      I was saddened to see Truecrypt suddenly dissolve.

      Thank you for commenting and visiting.



  2. Hello Rick,
    As you suggested, I started using Safehouse, but I am running in to a problem. I have set my first volume size at 600 GB. I started to move my pictures in to the volume, but it was automatically set up at a 20 GB size, shown on the “This PC” window (in red). At about 19+ GB, I started getting the warning message that I am running out of space. I really just want to put all of my pictures in to one volume, with a 600 GB size..
    Can you tell me what I am missing here? I am using Windows 10.



    1. Tim,

      The issue and question that you are posing, I would contact the Safehouse developers. I am wondering if you are using the FREE version, there may be a limitation. The pro version does allow creating volumes up to 2,000GBs each.



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