Dead Link Checker – Check For Broken Links Free

Many of you may be aware that I maintain a second web site called Bookmarks4Techs that has a listing, at any given time, of over 750 tech sites. The problem I encounter with a site such as this is that many tech sites (or blogs) come and go. When the sites go down or are no longer maintained, I often relied on others to let me know that a particular site was no longer available.

To remedy this issue I went looking for a cloud based application that would tell me what links were dead. This is when I came across the web site “Dead Link Checker“.

Dead Link Checker

You simply enter the URL of your site and Dead Link Checker will scan the site or a single page for any dead links. You can even set the scanner to test potential dead links up to 10 times, before giving a result.

This broken link checker is free to use, doesn’t require a download and will quickly identify non-working, bad links for you to correct. This will enable you to keep your site fresh, accurate and free from broken links. This URL checker (linkchecker) can check your site or your competitors’ sites, either for a single page or the whole site. The report will identify the number of links checked together with any errors.

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