FREE Windows Desktop Vector Alarm Clocks

Every so often I like to re-visit past blog articles; especially those I believe offer something that is unique, but often fall in the forgotten category.

The vector clocks that I mention in this article are the best looking Windows based software clocks (with alarms) out there…

What's On My PC

Just when I think I have found every type of clock software on the internet I come across another find, called Vector Clock, to add to my collection. Today I am excited to bring to you, not just one clock, but a collection of FREE vector alarm clocks that are fully scaleable, fully customizable, requires no installation (portable app) and just plain downright looks awesome.

Vector Clocks

There are four things that makes these FREE Vector Alarm Clocks tick:

CustomizableVector Clock is customizable. There are detailed Clock Options in the settings. It also nicely integrates with Your desktop – You can choose to pin the clock to desktop, use it as a normal window, keep it on top or even force it to foreground (when in click-through mode). Plus some other options, such as “hide on mouse over”, “start with Windows” and “clock transparency” configuration.

Alarm Function – Lets…

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3 thoughts on “FREE Windows Desktop Vector Alarm Clocks

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  1. I’m becoming scared to death of downloads. These are downloads? I fear they come with stuff I won’t want (have had this problem once to often). I recently reviewed Chromebooks for Intel and have a renewed appreciation for the all-in-the-Cloud approach to computing.

    Your thoughts?


    1. Jacqui,

      I have been using these clocks for years and never an issue… If Freeware, I always download from reputable sources such as; Major Geeks; etc… I have done this so much for the past twenty years that I feel I have developed a sense for what is good and what is not good. The biggest fear out there now is not software downloads laden with malware; it is clicking on malicious links that will (behind the scenes) download malware (such as trojans), etc… Every PC I assist people with, these days, that are infected, the infection is as the result of clicking on a malicious web link.

      If you go Chromebook, you are locked into cloud based apps; There is some attractiveness to this (I agree). I know many of the schools are buying into these and Chromebooks would be great for are parents (due that they are easy to operate and use).

      Oh, here is a good site where the site owner went from Windows based applications to strictly Chromebook stuff… It is called BearWare

      As always, I appreciate you, your site and the visits you make here.



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