Some Weekend Fun – JSPuzzles Online Jigsaw Puzzles

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are located, but we woke up to windy and cold weather here. Was a nice day to hibernate and for me to find some type of online activity to relax, yet keep the brain exercised.

One site that I focused on, that did just that, was JSPuzzles – Online Jigsaw Puzzles. If you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, then I think will like this site. JSPuzzles is an online free jigsaw puzzles site, JSPuzzles does not require any installation or browser add-ons (like Flash or Java), and has been tested to run on all browser platforms.

When playing you simply drag the pieces around with your mouse pointer and when they fit they will auto click (with sound) into place. Each day they feature a new jigsaw puzzle and currently host a large library of puzzle themes to choose from.

 JSPuzzles - Online Jigsaw Puzzles

By registering for an account, at JSPuzzles (which is FREE), you can upload your own puzzles, save puzzles, and can officially compete with others for the highest score for putting a puzzle together. I couldn’t get over how fast others can put these puzzles together.  JSPuzzles – great site to keep the brain excercised.

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