Test your network speed

Make sure you drop by the TCAT Shelbyville IT Department to read more about this utility that will test out the speed of your local area network (LAN)…

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Need a quick way to check your network speed?  You can use TotuSoft’s Lan Speed Test.

This small (124kb), excellent program allows you to transfer data packets from one computer to another across your network.  TotuSoft offers advanced versions of this tool (Go check them out!).

lanspeed program

Install the program on each computer and open with Administrative privileges.  Navigate using the browse button to find a shared folder (create one on each computer) on the opposite computer.

1 lanspeedtest

(Note:  The picture above is a virtual computer on a separate computer than the sending computer.)

Above you will see a test folder on Windows 10 Tech Preview.  The first test was a 20 megabyte file transferred to the Windows 10 computer.   The result was 65Mbps.  On a 100Mbps network this can be normal.   You can expect a throughput of around 60+ percent on a busy network.

This is my home network while streaming videos…

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