Discover The New HERE To Replace Your GPS

Nokia recently released (in beta), in Google Play, their very popular GPS mapping application called HERE that could serve as a true replacement for the GPS device in your vehicle.


HERE is totally FREE; and, what makes it standout is that it includes features that is more robust than Google Maps. For example, you can store tons of maps on your Android device (for offline use) that can give you turn-by-turn voice directions without an internet connection. The saved maps are conveniently managed from a separate tab within the applications interface so that they are readily available.

HERE allows you to search, navigate or get directions around the world — even without an Internet connection. Simply save our interactive maps to your phone or tablet and they’ll continue to work for you offline, wherever you are.

With HERE you’ll have a map for every moment. Find restaurants and shops in your area and make spontaneous plans with your friends by sharing your location privately via Glympse. Or prepare for a future trip by personalising maps with all the places you’d like to explore as soon as you arrive. You can even check out ratings and reviews from Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and more.

Wherever you travel by car, you’ll have offline access to world-class navigation with turn-by-turn voice directions. You’ll even get live traffic and public transport information, so you can always find the quickest way.

HERE is also available on the internet — CLICK HERE…  The internet version is similar to other mapping applications where you can pull up locations and get driving directions. One unique feature is that you can check for traffic issues in the event you are planning a trip or for your daily commute to work.


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