Quickly Send Yourself An Email Note Or Reminder With The Android App Called mynderMail

There has been occasions where I have used my smartphone (and tablet) to send myself an email to remind myself of something. What I do not like about that, is the number of steps I have to go though to get it done. To eliminate the number of steps, I happened across the Android App called mynderMail that looks to be a very promising app.

mynderMail Free

mynderMail is currently in beta; however, so far has been working great (for me) and I am finding myself using it quite often. To use mynderMail, simply open the App, type your message and send it. The first line that you type in the app becomes the subject line. Very simple app that will save you a few steps and serves a good purpose. I will be following mynderMail as it develops and eventually comes out of beta.


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