A Complete Android Construction Calculator With Simple Inputs

I have always had a thing for clock, calculator and weather software (and apps). Today I came across a calculator, called Handyman Calculator, that is the “calculator of calculators”. Handyman Calculator is specifically geared toward anyone in the construction field, with a list of available calcuators that it is unbelievable (see below).

If you are planning a project Handyman Calculator may be something you can use to assist in determining materials, dimensions, costs, etc… that ultimately could help you save money.

Handyman Calculator

I say no more, the calculators listed below (which is a lengthy list), says it all… 

Time Tracking tool

To-do list

Feet and Inches Calculator

Woodworker Calculators

Electrical calculators

Metric units arithmetic

Feet,inches TO Metre,cm,mm Converter

Fraction Calculator

Fraction Simplification

Square Footage Calculator

Cubic Footage Calculator

Lumber, Concrete and Asphalt calculator.

Length, Area and Weight Converter.

Temperature Converter

Density Converter

Feet and Inches Calculator

Board Foot Calculator

Board feet and Linear feet Converter

Lumber Weight Calculator

Deck Baluster Calculator

Deck Board Calculator

Spacing Calculator

Wall Framing Calculator

Firewood Calculator and BTU Chart

Lumber Log Volume calculator

Concrete, Brick, Block, Mortar and Sand Calculations

Excavation Calculator

Asphalt Volume calculator

Aggregate Calculator

Drywall calculator

Crown Molding Calculator

Carpet Calculator

Laminate Flooring Calculator

Wall Paper Calculator

Tile Calculator

Paint Calculator

Stairs Calculator

Arc Length Calculator

Air Conditioning and Heater Calculator

Roof Calculator

Roof Pitch Angle Chart

Rafter Length Calc

Rebar Weight Chart

Mulch and Topsoil Calculator

Patio Pavers Calculator

Brick Calculator

Plants Calculator.

Wood Fence Calculator

Grass Seed Calculator

Sod Calculator

Blown Insulation R value Calculator

Golden Ratio(Golden mean) Calculator

Speed, Distance and Time Calculator

Rain water Collection Calculator

Loan Calculator

Speed and Velocity Unit Converter

Water Flow Rate Calculator.

Tank Capacity Calculator

Ohm’s Law Calculator

Resistor Color Code Calculator

Resistance Conversion

Power Calculator

Amps to Watts Calculator

Capacitance, Frequency, Inductance and Resistance Calculator

Voltage Drop and divider Calculator

Wire Size Calculator

Power Wash Calculator

Sine Bar Calculator

Wrench Conversion Chart

Decimal and Fraction Converter

Diagonal calculator

Slope Calculator

Right Triangle Calculator

Rectangle Calculator

Square Calculator

Circle Calculator

Polygon Calculator

Fraction to Percentage Calculator

Angle Converter

Power Converter

Energy Converter

Torque Converter

Force Units Converter

Liquid Units Converter

Pressure Units Converter

Magnetic Flux Converter

Volume FlowRate Units Converter

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees Conversion

BMI Calculator

Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Calculator

Kilometers Per Litres Calculator

Gas and Oil mixture Ratio Calculator

Discount Calculator

Date Duration Calculator

Tip Calculator

Graphing Calculator

PCB Trace Width Calculator

World Clock

Shipment Density Calculator

Currency Converter

Oil Drilling Calculators:

Mud Pump Output(PO)

Pressure Gradient

Pressure to Mud Weight Conv.

Specific Gravity Calc.

Equivalent Circulating Density

Maximum Allowable Mud Weight

Annular Velocity

Hydraulic Horsepower(HHP)

Formation Temperature (FT)

Buoyancy factor

Refrigerant Pressure Temperature Chart

Percent Grade to Degrees Converter

Percent Grade Calculator

Mowing Calculator

Electric Charge Converter

Fuel Consumption Converter

Enthalpy Conversion

Led Resistor Calculator including Series and Parallel

Frequency, Wavelength and Energy Converter

Milling Machine calcs

Tap and Drill Chart

Woodturners Segment Calculator

Lumens to Watts Calculator

Metal detector


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