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As you probably already know, Wikipedia is the greatest curator of human knowledge that has ever existed (consisting of over 30 million articles). The web interface that is used to present Wikipedia has pretty much remained the same over the years and has never changed.

With today’s internet it is all about presentation and making it easier to navigate, read and give that look as if you are reading from a magazine. This is where Wikiwand can help… Wikiwand has the ability to take a Wikipedia web page and turn it into a more modern (easier to read) interface…


You can either visit the Wikiwand site to perform a search for content (to see this new interface) or  you can install Wikiwand, as a browser extension that will auto load your Wikipedia articles (and searches) into the beautiful Wikiwand interface. There are Wikiwand browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Wikiwand is also mobile friendly, as well.

Here is a video, by teknologistAS that demonstrates Wikiwand in action using the Google Chrome extension.

Wikiwand is a modern interface that optimizes Wikipedia’s amazing content for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience. Fortunately, all articles on Wikipedia are released under a free license, which allows us to fetch Wikipedia articles and optimize them for readability. By using Wikiwand you actually support Wikipedia, as 30% of our profits are donated to the Wikimedia Foundation.


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