Portable App Screen Reader That Is A Notch Above The Windows Accessibility Option (for screen reading)

Found this portable app, called Screen Reader that has been developed for people with visual impairment that is a notch above the built in Windows accessibility option (for screen reading). Simply download, unzip and run the executable to launch Screen Reader. I have been using Screen Reader to read back my blog posts and other documents that I compose using the “checked” setting below. To get to these settings, right mouse click the Screen Reader icon in the system tray.

Screen Reader

In my case, I unchecked everything on the menu with the exception of “Auto Read Clipboard On Change” (see screenshot above). I also went into the “Hotkeys” options, checked the box for “Use Hokeys”, and made the “End” key on the keyboard as the key that allows me to stop any text being read back, if need be (see screenshot below).  Another option to this (if you want better control), is leave everything unchecked on the menu (above); then go into the “Hot Keys” option and in the “Read Clipboard” use the “Home” key (or whatever key combo you desire) and in the “Start / Stop Reading” use the “End” key. This option allows you to start and stop any text reading.

Screen Reader Hotkeys


  • Screen Reader reads all elements menus or screen text pointed by mouse.
  • This software has been done for people with visual troubles.
  • It use new microsoft SAPI 5 technologie without agent, and replace the older Agent Screen Reader software
  • It has a text free window (like the old Simple Reader software), and shortcut to read clipboard content


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