Flowcharts to fix your computer

There is nothing more frustrating than computer problems. Your computer is working great today and tomorrow you wake up to a problem.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology has posted information on a site that has posted flowcharts (and other instruction) that can help you diagnose computer problems (i.e. Hardware Troubleshoot & Diagnostics, Hard Drive & Partition Errors, Motherboard Troubleshoot & Diagnostics, Video Troubleshoot, Data Recovery, Malware & Viruses, etc…). The flowchart items are hotlinked and will direct you to a related page with detailed troubleshooting and resolution measures that can be applied. Nice find…

TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog

There is no simple way to repair computers.  Flowcharts can help to determine a fix for a problem and can be helpful.  Here’s a great website that gives tips and flowcharts on how to repair your computer.  http://www.fixingmycomputer.com/index.html#flowcharts

Note:  Although this website appears to have been written during the XP days, the flowcharts can still help you.

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