Bring An Entertaining Look To Your Browser With “Turn Off The Lights”

Watching video in our web browser is commonplace these days and is often implanted in the middle of whatever story you are reading to help bring the story home. This is all good; however, oftentimes there many distractions (such as ads, other videos, side bars, etc…) that can take away from the focus of the video.

A solution to making the video you desire to watch the main and only focus in the browser window, I suggest you take a look at the browser extension or add-on called Turn Off The Lights.

Turn Off The Lights

Turn Off The Lights works great with all known browsers and will truly bring a more entertaining look and feel to your browser. In my case I am a Google Chrome browser user and fan. You can easily darken a web page with one click on the lamp button. And it will automatically highlight the video player. In Google Chrome, the lamp button is located in the web address bar. You can also right mouse click the lamp button to bring up various configuration and customization options.

To really get an idea of how Turn Off The Lights works, I encourage you to watch this short video…

Turn Off the Lights is an extension that you have never seen before and is unique in its’ kind. Not only this, but this extension is compatible with Google Chrome™, Apple Safari™, Mozilla Firefox™, Opera™, Internet Explorer™, Maxthon™ and Yandex™ web browsers.


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3 thoughts on “Bring An Entertaining Look To Your Browser With “Turn Off The Lights”

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      1. With a post such as I made, what I am looking for are specific ways to dispute my “kind of silly” claim. I.e., some good answers to the question I posed. An ad hominem attack is not productive. Can you advance reasons why the full screen alternative is not as good a solution? I may be missing something. I was really hoping to elicit some constructive responses along those lines. I might learn something.

        (FWIW – For anyone who is motivated to do so, it is very easy to inflate ratings, so I rarely attach much significance to averaged ratings. However, things can be learned if you can find insightful reviews. Oddly, for the Firefox add-on, all the reviews I scanned were effectively content-free. None insightful.)


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