Add WOT (Web of Trust) To Your Browser To Protect Yourself From Online Threats

To supplement the security on your computer, installing the Web of Trust (WOT) to your computer enables you to make informed decisions on what web sites are safe and those that are not. Web of Trust uses an unique crowdsourcing approach (through global communication) to rate and comment on websites on the internet. I have featured WOT many times in the past here on the blog.

WOT works in a very simple way – it shows website reputations as traffic lights next to search results when using Google, Yahoo!, Bing or any other search engine. They are also visible next to links in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and email like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail as well as other popular sites like Wikipedia. By clicking the traffic light icons you can find out more information about a website’s reputation and other users’ opinions.

To help you understand how WOT works… Best example is when you perform a search on the internet (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…). Many times you do not know what is behind those links that you click on that could ultimately lead you to scams, untrustworthy links and rogue web stores. Many of the people I have assisted in the past with malware infections, acquired those infections from visiting malicious web sites that they thought were safe. WOT helps protect you from clicking on links that may lead you to these sites by using a simple traffic light system.  A green traffic light means users have rated the site as trusted and reliable, red warns about potential threats and yellow indicates that you need to be cautious when using a site.

WOT - Web of Trust

I have WOT installed on all of my computers, have used it for years, and use it to help me sort out the good and bad sites; AND, most importantly to keep me sensitized to the fact that there is a criminal element on the internet that will take advantage of me, if I let it.

Web of Trust

To learn more about WOT – Web of Trust — CLICK HERE


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5 thoughts on “Add WOT (Web of Trust) To Your Browser To Protect Yourself From Online Threats

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  1. As soon as I saw the title “WOT” I had to laugh. We used to refer to our daily work meetings as the WOT (Waste Of Time) because they never had any topics pertaining to us.
    Don’t ever miss a WOT(pronounced watt) though!


  2. I have been using WOT for years, and I can certainly recommend it. One thing that I have felt was lacking was a clear indication about whether just opening the page would be dangerous from the malware point of view. If I were sure it was not, sometimes I would be curious to see what the site was up to, without downloading anything or buying anything.


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